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Have you received a ticket lately in Ventura county?
  • Posted August 3, 2015

Have you received a ticket lately in Ventura county?

Ventura County Star

August 3, 2015

In California this year, the base fine for committing a moving traffic violation – say, failure to come to a complete stop at a stop sign or making an unsafe lane change – is $35.

But if you’ve had the misfortune of receiving a traffic ticket lately, you’re well aware that you end up paying much, much more. Six penalty assessments are added to each fine, plus three fees and a state surcharge. The bottom line: A moving violation will set you back at least $238.

If you don’t pay on time or show up in court, another $300 is tacked on for failure to appear.

With penalties so high, the state has experienced an epidemic of unpaid fines that has resulted in more than 4 million Californians having their driver’s licenses suspended.

State officials are taking a fresh look at the situation and have implemented an amnesty period beginning this fall that will allow people to pay off old, outstanding tickets at 50 cents or less on the dollar and also have their licenses restored.