Quickest & Easiest Traffic School Course Legally Allowed

Our California DMV licensed online traffic school course is designed to be fast and easy!

  • Finish as fast as you can read
  • No timers to stop or slow you down - most people finish in 4-5 hours or less!
  • Meets the California DMV's minimum length requirement of 8 hours

Easiest To Pass! 

  • Two chances to pass the multiple-choice final test
  • No Trick Test Questions
  • Get 7 out of 25 multiple choice questions wrong and still pass!
  • Quizzes after each lesson help prepare you for the final test
  • Free unlimited course retakes


Final Open Book Test

  • The final test consists of 25 multiple-choice questions
  • You have 60 minutes to take the final test and must complete it in one session
  • You have two chances to pass the final test with a score of 70% or better
    • You can miss 7 out of 25 multiple choice questions and still pass!

Free Course Retakes

  • If you fail the final twice, we send you an email with a promotion code. You then re-register and re-take the course and final test again for free.

​Self Paced Course

  • Start and Stop the course as many times as you'd like.
  • 24/7, 365 days a year course access
  • Unlimited time to pass - just meet your court's due date requirement

​Mobile Friendly

  • ​Use your tablet, smartphone, computer or all three to take the course
  • No app download required

After You Pass The Course

  • You receive a copy of your certificate by email immediately after you pass the course.
  • No need for you to bring or send your certificate to the court!
  • We electronically send your certificate to the DMV and court for you within 3 business days for free.
    • Optional Express Same Business Day Processing upgrade available for an additional $8.95 


Finish Fast

12 Short Lessons

We’ve broken our DMV required course into 12 short, easy to read lessons so you have perfect places to stop when you need a break or get busy.

Self Paced Course

Take the course on your own schedule. It doesn't have any timers so you can start and stop anytime. You can also easily skip through the course pages to the quizzes without having to wait. You get 24/7/365 day access so your can take it whenever you have the time. Once you’re registered, your progress is automatically saved.

“You're traffic school was as easy as pie. My daughter will be taking it too!"

- Veronica Stillwell, Bakersfield, CA

Helpful Quizzes

We help prepare you for the final test with short multiple choice quizzes after each lesson. Don't worry if you get the questions wrong. We immediately correct your quiz and let you know the correct answers to any missed questions. You don’t need to pass these quizzes, but pay close attention to these questions as some can appear on the final test

The Final Test

Once you've finish the course you're prepared to take the final Open Book test consisting of 25 easy multiple choice questions.  To pass traffic school you must answer at least 70% (18 out of 25) of the questions correctly. You have 60 minutes to take the final test and two chances to pass it.

Mobile Friendly

The course is mobile friendly and doesn't require an app. You can even use a combination of different devices, i.e., your smartphone during lunch, computer at work and tablet at home.

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Easily Pass

Our Exclusive Open Book Search Tool

We've taken the Open Book Test into the internet age and have created the easiest way for you to research test answers and pass the final test available.

Uncertain about an answer to a quiz or final test question? No problem. Simply type a keyword(s) from the question into our on-page Open Book Search Tool and have it automatically highlighted in the course. You can then jump directly to areas of the lesson where your answer might be.  

This saves you time by eliminating the need to take notes, copy course material, or even study. Most of all, it helps you correctly answer questions and easily pass the final test!

Step 1 - Go to the lesson you want to search.

Step 2 -  Launch the Open Book Search Bar by using one of the below combinations of keys.  

- PC Users: Press the CTRL + F Key

- Mac Users: Press the Command + F Key

Once the Search Box appears, enter a keyword and look for it highlighted in the lesson you've selected.  

If a 1 of 1 shows up to the right of your keyword, it means your keyword isn't in that specific lesson and you should choose a new lesson to search.  

Just click on a new lesson and re-click the Enter key with your cursor in the Search Box with your keyword to search again.

"I needed to finish fast because my due date was today.  Thank God for the Open Book Search tool.  It helped me find answers I didn't know and saved my neck."

- Ian Cummings, Los Angeles, CA



What You'll Learn

New Laws and Driving Techniques

Designed to be a quick refresher on California traffic laws and defensive driving techniques, our course brings you up to date on all the latest traffic laws, technology and driving information available with videos, images and easy to read content. It covers topics such as:

  • The dangers of distracted driving

  • The effect of alcohol and/or drugs

  • How to be a better defensive driver

  • Knowing when not to drive

  • How to avoid road rage/aggressive driving

Sample Course Video Above

Quick Course Facts

  • California DMV Licensed #E0543

  • Accepted by All CA Courts

  • 12 Short, Easy Lessons

  • Quizzes to Help Prepare You for the Final Test

  • Easy Open Book Tests

  • Unlimited Logins

  • Mobile Friendly - No App Required

  • Progress Automatically Saved

  • No Timers

Final Test Facts

  • 25 Multiple Choice Questions

  • Easy Open Book Test

  • 60 Minutes to Finish Test

  • Score 70% or Better to Pass

  • 2 Chances to Pass

  • Over 99% of People Pass