Misleading Traffic School Ads and Scams

We believe traffic tickets are too expensive and charge you the least in California. If you still want to spend more time searching for a traffic school, be our guest. We believe you'll be back. Just beware of misleading ads from our competitors that like the ones below.  They often start with the deceptive words, "As low as."


Bait and Switch Pricing

Advertised price: “As low as $9.00”
Actual Price: $12.50
Competitor: Gototrafficschool
Note: The $9.00 advertised price is for their Insurance Reduction Course not their traffic school!
Deceptive Hidden Pricing
Advertised Price: “As low as $9.95”
Actual Price: $19.95  
Competitor: Comedytrafficschool
Note: This school doesn’t tell you how much it really costs until you give them your information and then charge you $10.00 more!
Trick Promotion
Advertised Price: “As low as $8.99”
Actual Price: $17.99
Competitor: Alphatrafficschool
Note: This price is only valid for two of the smallest counties in California,  “Economy Package. $8.99 limited time promotion for Alpine and Glenn counties only! $17.99 for all other counties.”  

Hidden Additional Fees

Advertised Price: $9.97
Actual Price: $16.92  ($9.97 + $6.95)
Competitor: Trafficschool.com
Note: Competitor charges an additional $6.95 to "email me a PDF proof of course completion for my records." We include this for free.
Misleading Traffic School Website Scam
Watchout for what you're paying for!  As of 2/10/2017, DMV.com adds upgrade to your account automatically and doesn't let you take them out! They don't tell you how much their course is either until you're well into the registration process. 
Competitor: DMV.com
Note: DMV.com is a private company not associated with DMV.gov.  Yes. They are tricky in more than one way! Check out one of their BBB complaints below!