Quickest DMV Licensed Course

Our course meets the DMV's minimum required length so you finish as fast as legally possible! We make it even faster to finish, easier to pass and hasslefree by adding the following benefits:
  • Exclusive Open Book Test Search Tool:  We're the only traffic school with an Open Book Test Search Tool that helps you find answers to test questions.  It helps you pass fast and saves time by eliminating the ned to take notes, re-read course content or even study!  Watch Video
  • No Timers: Quickly skip through the course without having to wait.
  • Easy Quizzes: You don't need to pass the quizzes and we give you the answers if you answer incorrectly. The quiz questions help prepare you for the multiple choice open book final test; so it's a good idea to pay attention to the questions and answers.
  • Immediate Completion Certificate: Receive your court accepted Completion Certificate by email immediately after you pass.
  • Free Court Processing: We electronically send your Completion Certificate to the court and DMV within 3 business days for free.
  • Optional Same Business Day Processing: Pass the final test by 5:00 p.m. California time and we send your Completion Certificate to the court and DMV the same business day for an additional $7.95.

All DMV licensed traffic schools get rid of your ticket. At Traffic School 4 Busy People, you get rid of your ticket, pay the least and finish as fast as legally possible!

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What Our Students Say

"Saved my butt. I was in the final days to complete because it's overwhelming, but I stumbled upon this site and I literally only paid $9.95 and completed the chapters and exam within 3 hours tops! Why would anyone physically go into class now a days!? This is your easiest and cheapest way to go!"


David Byers, California