Top Traffic School Questions

1. Are you licensed by the DMV?

Yes.  We are licensed and audited by the California DMV. Our license number is E0543.


2. Which courts accept your certificate?

All California and Federal courts accept our certificate along with some out of state courts.


3. How long does the course take?

Our course is licensed by the DMV as an 8 hour course. Because there are not timers to slow you down, you can finish the course as fast as you can read.  On average people finish in 4 to 5 hours or faster.


4. How many chances do I get to pass?

You have 2 chances to pass the final test of 25 multiple choice questions with a score of 70% or more.  This means you can miss 7 questions and still pass.  Over 99% of people pass.  If you don’t pass, the DMV requires you to retake the course and we email you a promotion code for a free course retake.


5. How many chapter are there?

Our course meets the DMV’s minimum course length requirement and is broken into 12 chapters. All DMV online courses must be at least 42,500 words long. Don’t be fooled by traffic schools with fewer chapters!  It’s a gimmick to fool you.


6. What happens after I pass the course?

After you pass, you are emailed a copy of your certificate (free). We then electronically send your certificate to the DMV and court within 3 business days (standard processing), or the same business day if you have purchased the optional Express processing.


7. Do I pay the court first?

We recommend that you pay the court their traffic school administration fee and the bail amount due on your ticket first.  This ensures nothing stops the court from processing your certificate once they receive it and it doesn’t get lost in their system.


8. How do I know I am approved for traffic school?

You will receive a courtesy letter from the court 2 or 3 weeks after you get your ticket.  This letter will inform you if you are court approved to take traffic school and when you traffic school due date is.


9. I have a commercial driver’s license. Can I take traffic school?

Yes. You can take traffic school but the point will still appear on your driving record and your auto insurance may increase. The point will not, however, count towards your negligent operator point count.


10. I received my ticket from out of state. Can I take you traffic school?

If you have a California driver’s license but received your ticket while driving in another state, you must contact that court and find out if they will accept a certificate from a California traffic school.  If they do, you will need to print out your certificate after it is email to you and send it to the court.  We only electronically send certificates to California courts.


11. Do I have to take the course all at one time?

No.  You can start and stop the course as many times as you’d like. The only time limit you have is the court’s due date.


12. How fast do you send my certificate to the court?

Our standard price includes 3 business day processing.  Example: You pass on Monday at 4:00 p.m. California time. We guarantee to send your certificate to the DMV and court by Wednesday.


13. I’m in a rush. Do you send Certificates to the court the same day?

Yes. Our optional Same Business Day Express upgrade sends your certificate to the DMV the same day.  You must pass by 4:00 p.m.  California time (Monday - Friday).


14. How do I know my certificate has been sent to the DMV and court?

Once you receive your completion certificate, you have our guarantee that it will be electronically sent to the DMV and court with 3 business days, or the same business day if you’ve purchased the optional Express Processing upgrade.  You can also purchase the optional Date Certificate was sent upgrade that notifies you when we send your certificate.


15. Do I need to send or bring my certificate to the court?

We send your certificate to the court electronically so you do not need to send it to the court.  In addition, the court will only accept the electronic version we send them as official proof.


16. What are the biggest mistakes people make taking traffic school?

  1. They take traffic school without being court approved

  2. They do not pay the court’s traffic school administration fee

  3. They do not pay the ticket bail amount due to the court

  4. They enter incorrect information on their registration form


17. How many times can I take traffic school?

In general, you are only allowed to take traffic school once every 18 months for a one point violation. You must be court approved to take traffic school.