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We've designed our course to be the quickest to legally finish and the easiest to pass. We're the only traffic school that includes an Open Book Search Tool to help you easily find quiz and even final test answers! Our price includes everything the court requires to get rid of your ticket:


California Licensed and Court Accepted

  • California DMV licensed online traffic school course #E0543

  • Course Completion Certificate accepted by all California courts

Quickest Course Allowed with 99% Pass Rate

  • The quickest California DMV licensed course legally allowed

  • An easy course that over 99% of people pass

  • Find test answers and pass fast using our exclusive Open Book Search Tool

Accepted by All California Courts

  • Receive your Completion Certificate immediately upon passing by email

  • We send your Completion Certificate electronically to the court and DMV for you within 3 business days

  • Optional EXPRESS Same Business Day Processing Upgrade available

Self Paced with No Timers

  • Self paced with no timers

  • Unlimited logins and unlimited time to finish

  • Online access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

The Best Deal in California

  • Money Back Guarantee

  • Free Unlimited Course Retakes

  • Free Completion Certificate

  • Free Certificate Sent to Court within 3 Business Days


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    Features and Benefits

  Our Benefits


  •    One Price For Everything The Court Needs

   ✔ $7.95*

  *Promo Code: Discount16

  ✘ Hidden/Deceptive Fees

  •    Fastest Course Legally Allwed by the DMV

  ✔ Yes


  •    Easiest to Pass - Over 99% of People Pass

  ✔ Yes


  •    Help Finding Answers (Exclusive Open Book Search Tool)

  ✔ Yes

  ✘ NO

  •    Works On All Devices

  ✔ Yes


  •    Website Security

  128 & 256 Bit Encryption


  •    Money Back Guarantee



  •    Low Price Guarantee

  ✔ Yes

  ✘ No

  •    Optional Express Same Buiness Day Court & DMV Processing

  ✔ Optional $8.95





Deceptive Low Price Advertisements

WARNING: Beware of ads from our competitors that use the words, “As low as” to describe their price, and schools that don’t give you a price up front! Here are a few examples of deceptive pricing we've seen.


Bait and Switch Pricing

Advertised price: “As low as $9.00”
Actual Price: $12.50
Competitor: Gototrafficschool
Note: The $9.00 advertised price is for their Insurance Reduction Course not their traffic school!


Deceptive Hidden Pricing

Advertised Price: “As low as $9.95”
Actual Price: $19.95  
Competitor: Comedytrafficschool
Note: This school doesn’t tell you how much it really costs until you give them your information and then charge you $10.00 more!
Trick Promotion
Advertised Price: “As low as $8.99”
Actual Price: $17.99
Competitor: Alphatrafficschool
Note: This price is only valid for two of the smallest counties in California,  “Economy Package. $8.99 limited time promotion for Alpine and Glenn counties only! $17.99 for all other counties.”  
Additional Fees
Advertised Price: $9.97
Actual Price: $9.97 + $6.95
Competitor: Trafficschool.com
Note: Competitor charges an additional $6.95 to "email me a PDF proof of course completion for my records." We include this for free.