Your Completion Certificate

Your Completion Certificate is Included!

Once you pass the final test, you'll receive a copy of your Completion Certificate immediately by email. 

We then send it electronically to the DMV and court for you for free within 3 business days, or the Same Business Day if you've purchased the optional Express processing upgrade.

Top Questions and Answers

1. Will my court accept your Certificate?

  • We are licensed by the California DMV and our certificate is accepted by ALL California courts, Federal Courts and some out of state courts. Click Here to see our license on the DMV website.

  • If your ticket is from an out of state court, you must contact the court and verify that they will accept a traffic school Certificate from a California DMV Licensed school

2. Do I need to take or send my certificate to the court? 

  • If your ticket is from a California court, you do not have to send your certificate to them. The California court will only accept the electronic version of your certificate that we send them.

  • If your ticket is from a Federal court or from an out of state court, you will need to print out your certificate and mail it to them.

3. I entered wrong information. How do I correct it?

  • If you entered incorrect information when registering, email us at and provide the correct information.

4. When will the Court receive my Certificate?

  • We send your certificate electronically so the court and DMV receive it the same day we send it.  The court, however, can take a month or sometimes more to actually process your certificate after they receive it.

5. How do I know when my certificate was sent to the court?

  • Your certificate is automatically sent to the DMV and court within 3 business days from you passing.

  • If you want to know the exact date we send it, you can purchase the Date Certificate Was Sent to Court upgrade.

6. How can I print out my certificate?

  1. You can print out the email we sent you; or

  2. You can log into your account and save a copy of your certificate as a pdf file from your account page and print it.

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