Exclusive Open Book Search Tool

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All quizzes and the final test are Open Book

Not certain what the answer to a test question is? No problem. Just use the Open Book Search Tool to highlight keywords in the course and find test answers quick - no need to take notes, switch back and forth between web pages or even study. It’s fast, saves you time and helps you easily pass.

✓ Quickly find answers
✓ Save time not taking notes
✓ Use it on quizzes and even the final test
✓ Easily pass the course
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How To Use the Open Book Search Tool (PC and Mac Users)

Step 1 - Select A Lesson 

Select a lesson from the "Open Book Search" where you think the answer to the quiz or final test question might be. 

Step 2 - Launch The Open Book Search Tool

Launch the Open Book Search Tool by hitting the following keys on your keyboard:


- PC Users: Hit the CTRL and F keys 
- MAC Users: Hit the Command and F keys
- Smart Phone and Tablet users: (see below)

Step 3 - Type a Keyword in the Search Bar

Type a keyword from the question in the "Open Book Search Tool Bar" and hit the "Enter" key. 

Step 4 - Find Your Answer

Jump to where your keyword is highlighted in the lesson and quickly find your answer. If your keyword or the answer isn't in the lesson, select another lesson and repeat the process.

To return to the quiz or final test, click on the quiz or test.


Tablet and Smart Phone Instructions

Tablet Users: select the type of browser you're using (Chrome, Safari, Bing) on your tablet and follow the instructions below.

Smart Phone Users: Depending on the smartphone you're using, you may or may not be able to use "Search" function of the open book.  You will still be able to review the lesson content on your phone, you just might not be able to search it. We recommend you use a computer or tablet to take the final test if you can't use the search function. 

Safari Browser Users (IPad default)

Type the keyword you're looking for in the "Search" box in the upper right corner. Type the keyword in the "On This Page" box that appears.

Chrome Browser Users

Click on the three lines (dots) menu in the upper right corner. Click on the "Find in Page" option and enter the keyword in the box that appears.

Bing Browser Users

Click on the three dots in the upper right corner. Enter the keyword in the "Find on page" box that appears.