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  • Posted December 22, 2016

How a Speeding Ticket Affects Your Car Insurance in Every State

You probably don't want to get pulled over no matter where you are, but in some states, you really, really don't want a ticket. That's because your car insurance payment could increase dramatically in certain states after you get a DUI or a speeding ticket, sometimes by over 300 percent.

Personal finance site NerdWallet analyzed the average rate increases for speeding tickets and DUIs by state, and built a helpful state-by-state interactive map of results. On average, NerdWallet found that a DUI results in a 62-percent cost increase nationwide, while a speeding ticket only nets a 14-percent increase.

North Carolina is the worst state for both speeders and DUI offenders with 62- and 368-percent increases, respectively. By contrast, Louisiana is the most forgiving for DUI offenders with a 17-percent increase on average. Speeders in certain states only incur a five-percent increase or less, though a DUI comes with a much heftier insurance increase. You can read the full methodology on NerdWallet's site.

The lesson here is immediately crystal clear: You should never, ever drive under the influence, and it's best to save your speed-demon tendencies for the race track. Ultimately, cabs and track days will save you a ton of money—both on a one-time ticket and on the insurance premiums that result from it.

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