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Over 287,000 drivers have trusted our California DMV Licensed Course #E0543 to stop tickets from showing on their public driving records.

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Free Electronic Delivery Of Your Certificate To California Court & DMV
Accepted By ALL California, Federal, and Some Out-Of-State Courts


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Pass Or Don't Pay

  • Take The Course Risk-Free
  • No Credit Card Required To Start
  • 99.9% Of People Pass Their First Try
  • Re-Take The Course Until You Pass
  • Pay $19.95 After You Pass

Everything You Need

  • Traffic School Online Course (Lic. #E0543)
  • Accepted by ALL California Courts
  • Certificate Immediately Emailed to You
  • Sent to California DMV & Court Within 3 Business Days for FREE (Same Business Day Processing for An Additional $8.95)

Quickest Possible

  • Meets The DMV's Minimum Course Length
  • No Timers To Slow You Down
  • Finish As Fast As You Can Read
  • No Trick Questions
  • Accepted As An 8-Hour DMV Course
  • Most People Finish In 4-5 Hours

Easy Final Test

  • 99.9% of People Pass On Their First Try
  • 25 Multiple Choice Questions
  • No Trick Questions
  • Two Chances to Pass The Final Test
  • Miss 7 out of 25 Questions and Still Pass


DMV Licensed Course #E0543

  • Self-Paced. Unlimited Stops and Starts
  • Quizzes Help Prepare You for the Final Test
  • Access 24 Hours A Day, 365 Days A Year
  • Accepted As An 8-hour DMV course
  • Unlimited Course Retakes Until You Pass

Free Audio Read Along

  • Follow Along As The Course Is Read To You
  • Course Text Is Highlighted & Easy To Follow
  • Take The Course With Or Without Audio


How Our 'Pass Before You Pay' Traffic School Works

Step 1: Be Court-Approved to Take Traffic School
  • Refer to the letter sent to you by the court for approval
Step 2: Pay the Court's Two (2) Fees:
  • Your ticket bail amount; and
  • The court's traffic school administration fee (this is the court's fee to process the certificate we send them.
Step 3: Sign up for FREE and Pass the final Test 
  • You must pass by your court due date. Refer to the letter sent to you by the court
Step 4: Enter Your Driver's License and Ticket Details
Step 5: Pay The Course Fee
  • We accept all major credit cards and PayPal
Step 6: Receive Your Certificate
  • Your certificate is emailed to you after you pay
Step 7: Certificate Sent to DMV and California Court
  • We electronically send your certificate to the DMV and your California Court within 3 business days of payment
    • Same business day processing is available for an additional $8.95
Step 8: The Court
  • A court administrator downloads your certificate from the central database to their local court computer (this is when it shows up in your local court's system). The time this takes varies depending on the court, ranging from a few days to a few weeks
  • The court administrator compares your certificate against their records and determines if you have met all of the court's requirements
    • If you fail to meet their requirements, the court may reject your certificate without informing either you or us, resulting in the ticket being recorded on your driving record.
    • It's crucial to follow up with the court approximately 30 days after passing to confirm that they credited you for completing traffic school and 'closed' your ticket.
    • If you have met the court's requirements, they 'close' your case and inform the DMV not to show the ticket on your public driving record.

Note: It can take a court up to 30 days or more to process your certificate. Court and DMV processing time are not counted towards your court due date.

Step 9: The DMV
  • The DMV masks the ticket on your public driving record and it is not seen by your auto insurance company

Attention Commercial Drivers 

    • If you have a commercial driver's license, you must call the DMV's Driver Safety Unit at (916) 657-6452 after you pass to ensure that the point is not counted against your NOTS point tally
    • Note: If you have a commercial driver's license, the point will still show on your public driving record