All Traffic Schools Are The Same Except Price!

All traffic schools are regulated and licensed by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The DMV mandates what topics all traffic schools must teach, how long courses must be, and makes certain all schools comply with licensing and regulation requirements. This helps maintain course quality and consistency while ensuring all traffic school students receive a standardized education. The only item that the DMV doesn't regulate is the price a traffic school charges for its course.

Here are a few of the DMV requirements online traffic schools must follow:

  • Minimum Course Length:  42,500 words
  • Course Contents: must cover DMV mandated topics (see list on DMV website)
  • Course Visuals: must have a visual or video every 500 words
  • Certificate: Must provide a completion certificate accepted by all California Courts

Some schools differentiate themselves by marketing themselves as comedy traffic schools, throw in a few bad jokes and then charge you extra. Others cater to people less comfortable with computers and provide traditional in-class instruction and charge extra. 

Traffic School 4 Busy People prides oursleves on providing you with the fastest, lowest priced and the easiest to pass licensed course in California - guaranteed!

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DMV Course Requirement



"Each course must provide a minimum of 340 minutes of time for classroom instruction or a 42,500 word count for nonclassroom instruction expressly devoted to traffic safety and provide a minimum of 60 minutes for completion of the required final test."


See the full DMV course requirements document located here.