Will Points Show On My Driving Record After I Complete Traffic School

According to California Vehicle Code 1808.7, Section 1803.5, California courts must report traffic safety violations as convictions. If you’re eligible and complete a licensed traffic school course, however, your violation will be kept confidential and no violation points will show on your driving record.  

Commercial Drivers

The court may approve traffic school for a driver with a commercial driver’s license if the eligible offense occurred in a non-commercial vehicle. After completion of traffic school by a driver with a commercial driver’s license, a conviction will still appear on the driving record at the DMV, but a point will not be counted towards a person's total negligent operator point count. 

Drivers with a commercial driver's license are responsible for contacting the DMV Driver Safety Unit at (916) 657-6452. This is required so that the DMV does not assess the point against your record.


How Many Times Can I Take Traffic School

According to California Vehicle Code (Section 1808.7), you can only take traffic school and have one ticket masked in an 18 month period.   


My deadline for traffic school has passed. What should I do

If the deadline for you to take traffic school has passed, you’ll need to contact the court listed on your ticket to see if they will give you an extension.


What's The Deadline For Taking Traffic School

Once the court receives your intent to attend traffic school along with the required fees, they will give you a date by which you need to complete traffic school.  Look closely at the documents you receive for a date and contact the court using the phone number on your ticket if you do not see one. Some courts require you to finish by a certain date, and other courts require that they receive your certificate by a certain date.  Make certain to look at the information the court sends you carefully.


What's The Difference Between A Traditional Classroom Vs. Online Traffic School

The primary benefit of taking traffic school in a traditional classroom environment is having an in-person instructor who can answer or help clarify any questions you might have on the course material. The major negative for this type of traffic school is a lack of flexibility in time and location.  You must travel to a specified class location potentially outside of your city, and you must dedicate a full 6+ hours to attending the class in one day - you can not take the class in different segments.  Your attendance is strictly monitored and you aren’t permitted to join the class if you are more than 15 minutes late.   

The major advantage of taking traffic school online is convenience.  Our course allows you to access the content when you have time on any internet connected device including your smartphone, tablet or computer - no app download required.  Finish the course in one sitting or at your leisure.  If you have a question, simply call or email us and we’ll be happy to help you.


Online Traffic School San Jose

Online Traffic School San Jose

You can keep that ticket off your driving record and stop your auto insurance rate from increasing by taking a California DMV licensed online traffic school.


Who Can Take Traffic School?

According to Vehicle Code section 42005 and California Rules of Court rule 4.104, you are generally eligible to attend traffic school if the following criteria are met.

  • You have a valid driver’s license

  • Your ticket is for an infraction that is a moving violation

  • The violation(s) on your ticket must be an eligible one point Vehicle Code infraction. See the list of one point violations here.

  • You have not attended traffic school for an eligible violation that occurred within the last 18 months

  • You cannot go to traffic school for any:

  • Speeding tickets where the alleged speed was more than 25 mph over the speed limit.

  • Equipment or non-moving violations. For more information regarding eligibility, see California Rule of Court Rule 4.104.

  • Misdemeanor

  • Violation that has a mandatory Court appearance

  • Alcohol or drug related violations

  • Citation/ticket that has defaulted to a failure to appear unless the failure to appear charge has been adjudicated and any fine or civil assessment imposed has been paid.

Commercial Drivers

The California Vehicle Code (see section VC42005 on this state code page ) states that drivers with a commercial driver's license can only attend traffic school if they were not driving a commercial vehicle. Upon completion, the record of conviction will not be held confidential, but the conviction will not add a point count to the DMV record.

Drivers with a commercial driver's license are responsible for contacting the DMV Driver Safety Unit at (916) 657-6452  after completion of traffic school, to ensure that the DMV does not assess the point against their record.


How do I receive credit for completing traffic school

To receive credit for completing Traffic School you must have:

1. Pleaded guilty and paid the bail/fine amount due to the court

2. Paid the $52.00 court traffic school administration fee

3. Paid for and passed our California DMV Licensed traffic school course by your due date

Once you pass our traffic school course, we electronically submit your Completion Certificate directly to the DMV and Court for you. We also immediately email you a Certificate of Completion for you to keep for your records.


What if I don’t have time to complete traffic school by my deadline

If you are unable to complete traffic school by the stated deadline, contact the court and request an extension prior to the deadline. On average, it takes between 3-4 hours to finish our course but some people are able to finish it even faster.


Why should I take traffic school?

The cost of taking traffic school is small compared to the hundreds of dollars in increased auto insurance premiums a ticket could cost you over the three years it says on your driving record. According to a 2012 analysis of over 490,000 policy quotes conducted by, getting a single ticket can boost an average policyholder’s auto insurance premium by as much as 22 percent.

Other reasons for taking traffic school include keeping your driving record clean for employment reasons, and when you already have some existing tickets on your record.


How much does traffic school cost

At Traffic School 4 Busy People, we know first hand that tickets are expensive and believe in giving you everything you need to get that ticket from showing on your driving record at one low fixed price. Other traffic school charge as much as $50.00 for the same court accepted Completion Certificate.  We charge you the lowest possible and make money on volume.


How long does traffic school take

Our Online Traffic School

Our online traffic school course is considered to be an 8 hour DMV course. On average, it takes our students between 3-4 hours to complete the course but largely depends upon how fast you can read.  Some people finish it much much quicker and some take longer. Since the course is self-paced, how fast you complete the course is completely under your control. Finish it all in one sitting or over multiple sessions.  

With our online course you can take traffic school using your smartphone, tablet or internet-connected computer at anytime or anyplace.  Even use different devices throughout the day to log-in and out.  We make it convenient for you to take the course whenever you have the time.

In-Classroom Traffic School
The DMV mandates in-classroom instruction be a minimum of 340 minutes plus 60 minutes for the final test. This means you’ll spend 6+ hours of your day attending an in-classroom traffic school course. Traffic School 4 Busy People does not offer in-classroom courses.


What’s the difference between traffic schools

The only real difference between traffic schools is price. All DMV licensed online traffic schools must: 1) teach the same DMV mandated course content, 2) must have the same minimum course length, and 3) must provide you with the same court accepted certificate that keeps that ticket off your driving record.

We charge you the least and give you our exclusive Open Book Search tool to help you pass fast.

Federal Traffic Tickets From a US District Court

Here are the steps required to take traffic school for federal court tickets:

1) Make certain you receive permission to take traffic school from the federal court

2) Please select "Federal Courts" from the County dropdown list and select "federal courthouse" for court 

3) Once you pass the final test you will need to print out the completion certificate you receive and mail it to the address on your ticket. We do not send your certificate to Federal Courts

"Proof that you have completed traffic school must be received by the court within 60 days of the original court date that is listed on the Notice to Appear. Note that this court is unable to accept electronic submissions of certificates from traffic schools. You must submit either a copy of your certificate or a copy of the confirmation email (for online courses) showing that you have completed the course to the court by mail. Failure to submit proof of completion may result in a hold being placed on your license."

FAQs on Federal Court Traffic School is located at this site

How fast do I get my Completion Certificate

Once you successfully pass the final test, we immediately send you an email with your Completion Certificate as proof that you’ve passed our traffic school. We’ll also save you time and money by directly sending  the court and DMV your Completion Certificate electronically within three business days for FREE.


How Do I Know The Court Has Dismissed My Certificate

We send your completion certificate and the information you entered during registration to the court and DMV electronically. Since it is sent electronically, it can't get lost in the mail and all of your information is received just like you entered it. 

Unless you requested express delivery, your completion certificate will be processed and sent to the court within 3 business days.

If you want to see if the court has cleared your ticket, you need to contact them directly.  Please note that it can take a court a few weeks to process everything and you must have paid all of your court fees and fines.


I've Changed My Mind and Don't Want To Take Traffic School Anymore

With our 100% Money Back Guarantee, you can request a refund anytime prior to receiving your certificate - no questions asked. Refunds will be issued within 10 business days following the receipt of a cancellation request and will credited back to the original credit card used to pay for the course.  

* Please note: once you request a refund, your account will be deactivated and you will not be able to login to your account.  Be certain to notify the court of your choice not to take traffic school as you might need to pay additional fees and fines associated with your ticket.


Is Your Website Safe and Secure

All of your information is confidential and we will NEVER share or sell it to any third party for any reason. Our entire website is protected with the most secure server technology that encrypts all of your information to ensure that your personal information is being protected at all times. We currently use SiteLock, the global leader in website security, to protect our site and your information from hackers, spam, viruses, and scams, remove malware, and provide
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I already paid the court. Why do I have to pay again?

The administration fee you paid the court for traffic school keeps your citation open and not reported on your driving record while you attend traffic school. The administrative fee you paid to the court is separate from the fee charged by our traffic school for the actual course and completion certificate.


Are you DMV Licensed and CA court approved

Our online traffic school course is licensed by the California DMV (License #E0543) and our course Completion Certificate is accepted by all 58 California county traffic courts. Our license can be seen by clicking here.


Can I Fail The Course

As long as you read the course material you should pass the final test.  The final test is “open book” which means you’re allowed to refer to notes, or look back at the course content while you take the tests. Our exclusive Open Book Test design eliminates the need for notes, however, and makes it quick and easy to find answers to questions you’re uncertain of. You have two chances to pass the final test and receive your certificate.  A passing grade is answering 18 of 25 multiple choice questions correctly.   

If you do not pass the final test on your second attempt, we email you a promotion code to take the course again for free.  You must re-register for the course using a different email address.


What's A Passing Grade On The Final Test

To pass the final test you must answer 18 out of 25 multiple choice questions correctly.  The final test is “open book” and you are allowed to refer to notes, or use our exclusive Open Book to find answers to questions you’re uncertain of.  You have two chances to pass the final test.


Can I have my friends and family help me take the course

No.  When you sign-up you agree to complete the course, quizzes and tests by yourself without the help of anyone else.  You may not ask friends or family members for help.  Your need to ask anyone else for help is reduced because all of the quizzes and tests are “open book.” This means you can look at the course material when you are taking the quizzes and final exam.


What Does "Open Book Test" Mean

Open Book means you can refer back to your notes, printouts, screen captures or other course materials to find answers to test questions.  We make our course even easier with our exclusive Open Book Search Tool that allows you to enter a keyword into the search box and quickly jump to areas of the lesson with information that pertains to that keyword.  Our quizzes and final test will be the easiest you've ever taken!  See a demo here.


How Many Lessons Are In The Course

All DMV licensed courses are required to be a minimum of 42,500 words long. Some schools cram it all into a few chapters to make it sound shorter for marketing purposes.  We know you’re busy, however, and have divided our course into 12 short lessons that makes it more convenient and easy for you to stop when you get busy and start again where you left off.


Do I Have To Finish The Course All At Once

The course is self-paced and has no timers. You can take it all at once or over a number of sessions. We give you unlimited logins and automatically save your progress so you can continue where you left off. You’re also able to take the course on multiple devices so you get anywhere and anytime access that helps you finish fast.


Can I use my phone and tablet to take the course

Yes.  Our traffic school course uses the latest mobile technology and allows you to take the full course and all tests on any of your internet connected devices without the need to install an app. You can even use multiple devices to take and finish the course.  Learn more here.

Are the quizzes and The Final Test Open Book

You’re allowed to use notes, print off the course material and refer back to the course content when you are taking the course. We don’t think you’ll need to do this, however, because we provide you with our exclusive on-page Open Book Search tool that saves you time by helping you quickly find answers to final test questions. Learn more

What will I learn

Our CA DMV Licensed online traffic school course is designed to be a quick refresher on California traffic laws and defensive driving techniques. It brings you up to date on all the latest traffic laws, technology and driving information available. It covers topics such as:

●      The dangers of distracted driving

●      The effect of alcohol and/or drugs

●      How to be a better defensive driver

●      Knowing when not to drive

●      How to avoid road rage/aggressive driving


How many lessons are in your course

All California licensed online traffic school courses must be a minimum of 42,500 words long. Because we know you’re busy, we’ve given you natural places to start and stop by dividing our course into 12 bite sized lessons.  Each lesson is followed by a short quiz that helps prepare you for the final test. Once you register, we also automatically save your progress so that you can pick-up where you left off using any mobile device or computer.