Our Traffic School Certificate is accepted by ALL 58 California County Courts, All Federal Courts, and Some Out of State Courts.

Immediate Proof of Completion

You immediately receive your Completion Certificate via email after you pass the final test, enter your ticket information, and pay. ALL California county courts accept this certificate as proof of traffic school completion (see list below), and we save you the hassle by electronically sending it to the court on your behalf. 

Free 3 Business Day Processing

We electronically send your Completion Certificate and citation information to the DMV and court within 3 business days after you pay. Other schools may charge you extra for processing and even to receive your Certificate. In a rush? Select our optional EXPRESS Same Business Day Processing upgrade.

Electronic Processing

Because we send your Completion Certificate electronically, it isn't lost in the mail and all information is securely and correctly received by the DMV and court the same business day we send it.  Note: You must have paid all bail amounts and fees due to the court or they may reject your Completion Certificate.

Federal and Out of State Courts

We only send certificates to California courts. If your ticket is from a non-California court, you must obtain approval to attend our California traffic school. Once you pass the course you must print out and mail your certificate to the out-of-state court.  If your ticket is from a Federal Court, you must print out and mail your certificate to them along with your payment.

Certificate Processing

Note: Certificate processing is not counted towards your court due date.

1) We electronically send your certificate to the California DMV/Court Central Traffic School Database. The court will only accept this electronic submission of your certificate as proof of traffic school completion. They will not accept a paper certificate from you.
2) A court administrator from your court downloads your certificate from the central database to their local database; this is when your certificate shows up in a local court's system. This can take one day or a few weeks.
3) The court administrator determines if you have met all of the court's requirements to have your certificate accepted (paid all fines, met due date, approved to take traffic school, etc.). 
4) If you have met all of the court's requirements, your certificate is processed and the court electronically informs the DMV to mask your ticket and not show it on your public driving record. Note: If you are a commercial driver, the citation will still show on your public driving record, but the point will not be counted towards your total negligent operator point count.
5) If you have not met all of the court's requirements, the court rejects your certificate. The court may or may not inform you or us of this rejection. Only the court knows the reason(s) for rejection and we do not have access to this court information. We recommend you follow up with the court 30 days after you pass (look on the court's website or call) to ensure they have dismissed your ticket. 

WARNING - Los Angeles County Tickets

Be advised that LA county courts have a long history of losing and not processing certificates. The situation is so bad that the LA Traffic Advisory Service was created to assist people with non-processed traffic school certificates!

If your ticket is from an LA County Court:

  1. Do NOT waste your time calling or going to an LA court
  2. Go to the LA County Superior Court's website (click here)
    • Enter your information on the bottom left of the page
  3. If your ticket does not show 'Closed' on the court's website after 30 days - contact the Los Angeles Traffic Advisory Service.
  • Los Angeles Traffic Advisory Service Tel: 800-555-4452
  • Email:
  • Note: This is ONLY for Los Angeles County tickets