Traffic School Steps


1) You Must Be Court Approved To Take Traffic School

You will receive a courtesy letter from the court 2 or 3 weeks after you get your ticket informing you if you are court-approved to take traffic school (see eligibility rules below). 

Out of State Tickets

If you received your ticket from a state other than California, you must contact the court and find out if they will allow you to take traffic school from a California DMV licensed traffic school.

Federal Tickets

Our course is accepted by all Federal Courts. We only send certificates to California courts, however, so you must print out your Certificate and mail it to the Federal court.

Commercial Drivers

The court may approve traffic school for a driver with a commercial driver’s license if the eligible offense occurred in a non-commercial vehicle. After completion of traffic school by a driver with a commercial driver’s license, a conviction will still appear on the driving record at the DMV, but a point will not be counted towards a person's total negligent operator point count. Drivers with a commercial driver's license are responsible for contacting the DMV Driver Safety Unit at (916) 657-6452 after completing traffic school.

2) Pay All Fines and Fees Due to the Court

We recommend that you pay all court fines and fees prior to completing traffic school. If you do not, the court can reject your certificate for non-payment. Be certain to pay:

  • Ticket fine (bail amount)

  • The court's traffic school administration fee

Non-payment of the court's traffic school administration fee is the #1 reason for certificates being rejected by the court. This is the fee the court charges to process the certificate we send them. It is separate from our traffic school course fee.

3) Sign-up and Pass Traffic School by The Court's Due Date

  1. Sign-up for our online traffic school course

  2. You can finish the course as fast as you can read. Most people finish is 3-4 hours.

  3. Pass the final test consisting of 25 multiple choice questions with a score of 70% or better. You have two chances to pass and 99% of people pass!

  4. Be certain to complete traffic school by the court's due date or your certificate will be rejected.


  • Some courts will grant you one 30 day extension if you need additional time.

  • Some courts require you to finish by a specific date and others require you to submit your certificate to them by a specific date. This information is in the letter sent to you by the court.

4) Review Your Certificate

Once you pass the final test we immediately email you a Certificate of Completion for your records. Be certain to review all information on your certificate for accuracy. The court will reject your certificate for minor mistakes. If there are any mistakes, email to have them corrected.

5) We Send Your Certificate to the DMV and Court

We electronically send your certificate to the court and DMV on your behalf within 3 business days for free. If you need faster service, you can add our Express Same Business Day Processing Upgrade for an additional $8.95.

We notify the court of the date you passed, and your certificate is time and date stamped by the court the same day we electronically send it to them.

Note: Do not expect your Certificate to instantly appear in the court's antiquated computer system. A court administrator must download your certificate from the central DMV/Court database to process it. Depending on the court, this can take a few days to a few weeks.

6) The Court and DMV Process Your Certificate

1) We electronically send your certificate to the California DMV/Court Central Traffic School Database.

2) A court administrator from your court downloads your certificate from the central database to their local database; this is when your certificate shows up in a local court's system. This can take one day or a few weeks.

3) The court administrator determines if you have met all of the court's requirements to have your ticket dismissed (paid all fines, met due date, approved to take traffic school, etc.). 

4) If you have met all of the court requirements, the court clears your ticket and electronically informs the DMV to mask your ticket and not show it on your public driving record.

5) If you have not met all of the court's requirements, the court rejects your certificate. The court may or may not inform you or us of this rejection. Only the court knows the reason(s) for rejection and we do not have access to this court information. We recommend you follow-up with the court 30 days after you pass (look on the court's website or call) to ensure they have dismissed your ticket. 

7) Top Reasons For Certificate Rejections

A court may or may not inform you or us if they reject your certificate. Top reasons why courts reject certificates are:

  • You did not provide accurate information (court, ticket, driver's license, etc.)

  • You did not pay the bail amount due on your ticket by the due date

  • You signed up for a payment plan but did not make all payments by the due date

  • You did not pay the court's traffic school administration fee

  • You were not approved for traffic school

  • You did not meet the court's traffic school due date

  • You took traffic school before your ticket was in the court's system

  • The court received and then lost your certificate in their antiquated computer system

  • You have a commercial driver's license (in this case the point does not count towards your total NOTS points, but does stay on your driving record)

8) Court Follow-Up After 30 Days

We guarantee to send your certificate to the court, but the court can reject your certificate for a number of reasons stated above. We recommend that you follow-up with the court 30 days after you pass the course (look on the court's website or call them) to ensure they have processed your certificate.



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